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Product Literature & Certifications Resource Library
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KBRS, Inc. Brand

PDF   • KBRS, Inc. Catalog (Download)
PDF   • KBRS, Inc. Brochure (Download)
PDF   • KBRS, Inc. Shower Product Limited 10-Year Residential Warranty
PDF   • KBRS, Inc. Shower Product Limited 10-Year Commercial Warranty
PDF   • KBRS, Inc. Qualified Installer Lifetime Residential Warranty
PDF   • KBRS ICC PMG (KBRS Products)
PDF   • Product Specifications (PDF)
DOC   • Product Specifications (DOC)


LINK   • ShowerSlope™ Product Details
PDF   • ShowerSlope™ Specifications
PDF   • ShowerSlope™ Data Sheet
PDF   • ShowerSlope™ How to Measure
PDF   • ShowerSlope™ Written Instructions
PDF   • ShowerSlope™ Install (Photos)
LINK   • ShowerSlope™ Installation Video
PDF   • ShowerSlope™ Schematics
PDF   • ShowerSlope™ Printable Shelf Talker


LINK   • Tile-Basin® Product Details
PDF   • Tile-Basin® Specifications
PDF   • Tile-Basin® Data Sheet
PDF   • Tile-Basin® How to Measure
PDF   • Tile-Basin® Written Instructions
PDF   • Tile-Basin® Installation (Photos)
PDF   • Tile-Basin® Installation Video
PDF   • Tile-Basin® Schematics
PDF   • Tile-Basin® Flange/Furring Strips (Part 1)
PDF   • Tile-Basin® Flange/Furring Strips (Part 2)
PDF   • Tile-Basin® Printable Shelf Talker

Linear Products

LINK   • Wedge™ Product Details
PDF   • Wedge™ Data Sheet
PDF   • Wedge™ Installation
PDF   • Wedge™ Schematics
PDF   • Wedge™ Printable Shelf Talker

LINK   • Linear Slope Product Details
PDF   • Linear Slope Installation Instructions

PDF   • Linear Tile-Basin® Installation Instructions
PDF   • Linear Drain Specifications


LINK   • HardCurb® Product Details
PDF   • HardCurb® Data Sheet
PDF   • HardCurb® Installation Instructions
PDF   • HardCurb® Schematics
PDF   • HardCurb® Printable Shelf Talker


LINK   • KBRS Ramp Product Details
PDF   • KBRS Ramp Data Sheet
PDF   • KBRS Ramp Schematics
PDF   • Ramp Printable Shelf Talker


LINK   • ShowerNiche™ Product Details
PDF   • ShowerNiche™ Data Sheet
PDF   • ShowerNiche™ Installation Instructions
PDF   • ShowerNiche™ Installation (Photos)
PDF   • ShowerNiche™ Printable Shelf Talker


LINK   • ShowerSeat™ Product Details
PDF   • ShowerSeat™ Data Sheet
PDF   • ShowerSeat™ Written Instructions
PDF   • ShowerSeat™ Installation (Photos)
PDF   • ShowerSeat™ Printable Shelf Talker


LINK   • ShowerSeal® Product Details
PDF   • ShowerSeal® Installation Instructions

PDF   • ShowerSeal® Liquid Liner Data Sheet
PDF   • ShowerSeal® Liquid Liner MSDS
PDF   • ShowerSeal® Liquid Liner Printable Shelf Talker

PDF   • ShowerSeal® Polyurethane Sealant Data Sheet
PDF   • ShowerSeal® Polyurethane Sealant MSDS
PDF   • ShowerSeal® Polyurethane Sealant Printable Shelf Talker

PDF   • ShowerSeal® Gauging Fabric Data Sheet
PDF   • ShowerSeal® Gauging Fabric Printable Shelf Talker

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