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The ShowerSlope™ is the highest-quality alternative to a sloped mortar bed when building a tile shower pan. Manufactured With KBRS Hard Core Technology, the ShowerSlope™ is a pre-sloped, rock-solid foundation that will support any size tile without restrictions.

We can custom manufacture a ShowerSlope™ to any geometric configuration imaginable, with any desired drain location, that will connect to most major-brand residential and commercial tile shower drains. Our 17 standard sizes are ready-to-ship, and will connect to most of the popular 3-piece tile shower drains on the market.

The ShowerSlope™ has a 3 inch perimeter “cut zone” that allows it to be cut-to-fit in the field. The HardCurb® and/or the KBRS Ramp can be installed to complete the construction of the shower pan system. Once installed, any brand tile, backer board, and any brand liquid or sheet waterproofing, of your choice, may be applied.

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Customs Available
Cut-to-Fit in the Field
Any Shape • Any Size • Any Drain Location™

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ShowerSlope™ Technology
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The KBRS ShowerSlope™ is the ideal replacement to traditional shower pans constructed from leak-prone mortar beds. It is pre-sloped in our state of the art, quality-controlled factory, with waterproofing field applied after the ShowerSlope™ and tile backer board are installed. The ShowerSlope™ is designed to integrate with a KBRS optional HardCurb® and/or Ramp and can be cut-to-fit in the field.
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Rock Solid Construction

A KBRS ShowerSlope™ is similar to a nearly indestructible professional surfboard. Starting with a 3-pound high density EPS core, KBRS, Inc. is able to create an unusually tough and reliable mortar and liner replacement product. Once the EPS is formed, it is coated with a blend of hard-coat epoxy and composite fibers on both sides - thus ensuring a long-lasting durable product.


Endless Custom Possibilities

KBRS has developed a unique way to manufacture Surface-Ready™ shower slopes into virtually Any Shape • Any Size • Any Drain Location™. The unique ability to apply any decorative shower surface to a KBRS ShowerSlope™, and the ability to cut-to-fit in the field, makes it the most versatile product offered by KBRS, inc.. The KBRS ShowerSlope™ gets the job done when nothing else will work.


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The quality of every new shower from KBRS, Inc. goes beyond durable materials and state-of-the-art construction. It is also quick & easy to install. A typical ShowerSlope™ installation takes less than 30 minutes. While all KBRS, Inc. Shower Systems and accessories are created for anyone with a moderate skill level to complete, professional installation is always recommended.

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