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At KBRS, we have the unique ability to customize any of our shower pans. A KBRS shower pan can be manufactured to any shape, any size, and with any drain location. Commercial shower drain connections can also be tailored to meet your projects shower drain specifications.

For nearly 20 years KBRS has been innovating the way shower systems are manufactured and installed. From our first patented shower base, to our current vast offering of pre-sloped shower pans, waterproofing systems and creative accessories, we continue to engineer and manufacture the most trusted shower substrates available.

The KBRS Tile-Basin®, ShowerSlope™, ShowerNiche™, ShowerSeat™, HardCurb® and our ShowerSeal® seamless waterproofing are the products that Builders, Architects, Manufactures, and Home Owners use to construct the most rock-solid, leak-free, tile showers in North America... and beyond!

Architects & Designers

Drafting a shower? Do not be limited in designing your next luxury shower. KBRS offers an uncomplicated and precise ordering process, as well as assistance with custom or standard shower solutions to fit any shower plan. All KBRS products are non-porous and 100% leak-proof...

Contractors & Builders

Building or remodeling a shower? KBRS has the perfect solution to quickly and accurately construct the ultimate shower system that is not only rock-solid, but build to last. With the flexibility of KBRS product line customizing an order, and customizing in the field is simple...

Home Owners & DIY'ers

Are you an average do-it-yourself'er? KBRS offers assistance in helping you plan your dream shower without needing any kind of special training or background in construction. Thats right, KBRS has designed a special line of products that come pre-waterproofed and are ready for you to install...


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